Indoor Cricket Umpiring

Indoor Cricket umpire in action

Indoor Sports Victoria and its member centres are looking for people who are interested in becoming Indoor Cricket umpires. If you think you've got what it takes, or have further questions, please email our umpiring department.

Visit the pages below to find out how to become an umpire, increase your knowledge and confidence if you are an existing umpire, or read about some of our current umpires and how they achieved their goals.

Become an Indoor Cricket Umpire

Learn how you can become an Indoor Cricket umpire at your nearest Indoor Sports Victoria arena.

Umpire Testing & Accreditation

Part of being a competent umpire is becoming accredited. We'll help you to achieve your accreditation and provide a pathway to achieving your goals.

Umpire Resources

We provide a great range of resources to help you improve your umpiring as well as achieve your goals. Also join our umpires' newsletter.

Accredited Umpires

See a full listing of our current accredited umpires.

Current State Umpires

A listing of the current umpires who have been selected by Cricket Australia to umpire at various Australian National Championships.

Umpire Profiles

Read about some of our current umpires, as well as umpires from yesteryear.