Matt Robertson - Umpire Profile

Matt Robertson

First Started Umpiring

2000 Domestic / 2004 Superleague.

Nationals Experience

Australian Junior Championships (2014).

Career Highlight(s)

Awarded 'Col Hoy Encouragement Award' by Queensland Cricket - 2010/2011; Appointed to 2nd XI VSDCA Grand Final - 2012/2013; Appointed to 4th XI VSDCA Grand Final - 2013/2014; Appointed to National Panel 2014.

Favourite Match Umpired

One of the many epic battles between Melton & Springvale in Vicleague over the years.

Why Did You Start Umpiring

Started in 2000 for some extra money and as way to be involved the game when not playing.

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Umpiring

I enjoy being involved in the game at the highest level and challenging myself to always improve my umpiring standards.

Future Goals

To pursue my umpiring to the highest level possible in both indoor and outdoor cricket.