Jason Rhodes - Umpire Profile

Jason Rhodes

First Started Umpiring

1989 Domestic / 1992 Superleague at OzSports Ashmore (Gold Coast Indoor Sports)

Nationals Experience

29 National Championships: 17 Australian Open Championships (1997-2007, 2009-2014); 9 Australian Masters Championships (1995-1997, 1999-2000, 2010-2013); 3 Australian Junior Championships (1993, 2007, 2014).

International Experience

8 International Tournaments: World Cup (Aus 1998, Aus 2009, Sth Africa 2011, NZ 2014); UK Ashes Series (UK 1999); Ashes Test Series (Aus 2003); Trans-Tasman Test Series (Aus 2003); 4 Nations Series (Sth Africa 2006); Masters World Series (Aus 2010).

Career Highlights

Being inducted into the Indoor Sports Victoria Hall of Fame in 2010; Any time I've represented Australia; Umpiring 11 Australian Open Mens Grand Finals; 2014 World Cup Men's Grand Final.

Favourite Matches Umpired

It's a very close call between the 2002 National League Semi-Final between Victoria & Queensland (watch on YouTube) and the 2006 Four Nations Series grand final in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Best Player(s) You've Umpired

Alan Wilson, Dion Muir, Greg Mathews, Michael Spargo, Jude Coleman and Amy Wills.

Why Did You Start Umpiring

I was playing Indoor Cricket 5 nights a week as well as Superleague when I was living in Queensland. I was only ever a lower-level mens grade player, and had a passion for the sport that was never going to be fulfilled as a player. I decided to give umpiring a go to earn some extra money to pay for all the games I was playing. I umpired domestic competitions for 2 years before I moved into Superleague umpiring.

What Did You Enjoy The Most About Umpiring

I put a lot of effort into maintaining a high level of umpiring, more than most people would realise. I enjoy the continual challenge to be the best I can be during every single game and I am very focused on that challenge. Another important aspect of umpiring is that I place a lot of emphasis on allowing every player in the game to be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and the hard work they have put in to get where they are. I also enjoy mentoring younger umpires who have a similar level of passion that I had at their age.