Greg Marshall - Umpire Profile

Greg Marshall

First Started Umpiring


Nationals Experience

National Championships: 2 Australian Open Championships (1990, 1993); 2 Australian Masters Championships (2001, 2010); 1 Australian Junior Championships (2011).

Career Highlight

Umpiring the 1993 Australian Open Championships on television.

Favourite Match Umpired

Queensland vs New South Wales 2nd Semi Final at the 1993 Australian Open Championships.

Best Player(s) You've Umpired

John Mark & Jeremy Homfray

Why Did You Start Umpiring

Love of the game and wanted to be more involved, and gain some extra income.

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Umpiring

Love the camaraderie of the sport, love being involved at the highest level which I was not able to do as a player.

Future Goals

Would like to be a tournament director at a national championships.