Andrew Potts - Umpire Profile

Andrew Potts

First Started Umpiring


Nationals Experience

2 Australian Masters Championships (2010, 2013); 3 Australian Junior Championships (2011-2013); 1 Australian Open Championships (2014).

Career Highlight(s)

Being selected to umpire at the Australian Masters Championships in 2010. It was my first national title.

Favourite Match Umpired

Over 30 Mens Preliminary Final between Qld & NSW at the 2013 Australian Masters Championships.

Why Did You Start Umpiring

Mainly to start earning some money as a young 14/15 year old, but I chose umpiring because I enjoy being involved in cricket and thought that it was something that I could over time develop and become good at.

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Umpiring

I enjoy being involved in the sport at a high level and the friendships that you gain from that.

Future Goals

To become an opens level umpire and to umpire internationals.