Andrew Parker - Umpire Profile

Andrew Parker

First Started Umpiring

2013 (Springvale Indoor Sports)

Nationals Experience

1 x Australian Junior Championships (2017) 1 x NICL Finals Series

Career Highlight(s)

Being selected to umpire at the Australian Juniors Championships in 2017. It was my first nationals.

Favourite Match Umpired

NICL Finals Series Match Between Wolves vs Raiders. Low scoring and game went down to last over.

Why Did You Start Umpiring

Started umpiring to get some extra money and then once I took over as cricket manager at Springvale Indoor Sports I got into umpiring Superleague and then got the passion to go as high as I can.

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Umpiring

I love my sport and officiating in sport. And the friendships you make while umpiring different teams.

Future Goals

To become an opens level umpire and maybe some bigger tournaments down the track.