Indoor Cricket Umpire Resources

To assist all of our umpires, whether they be umpiring domestic Indoor Cricket, Superleague or aspiring to umpire at the elite level, we will provide you with a range of resources to improve all aspects of your umpiring. If you have any further questions, please email our umpiring department.

Official Rules

Download the Cricket Australia Official Rules of Indoor Cricket. You will also be able to obtain a copy of the rules book from your local arena.

Cricket Australia Umpiring Resources

We'll soon provide an extensive range of information that Cricket Australia use in the development of their umpires which can easily be applied to Indoor Cricket. Stay tuned for more information.

Australian Institute of Sport

One of the best resources available for all sporting officials is the Australian Institute of Sport's 'Sports Official' website. This website contains a range of articles to help you get the most out of your umpiring.

Previously Televised Indoor Cricket

We have an extensive collection of previously televised Indoor Cricket games from the early 1980's right up to the 2011 Indoor Cricket World Cup. For any umpire wanting to learn the art of umpiring, watching these games will certainly give you an insight into what's required to umpire at the elite level.. Eventually we'll be putting together some highlight packages to be used in the further development of umpires.