Indoor Cricket Umpire Testing & Accreditation

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Indoor Sports Victoria has a well structured accreditation program for umpires who wish to increase their knowledge of the rules of Indoor Cricket and increase the level confidence in their umpiring. We have a range of senior officials who are available to assist you. For further information please email our umpiring department.

Come Inside and Get Involved

The Indoor Sports Victoria Level One Umpires Test is an entry level course designed for:

  • Those interested in becoming Indoor Cricket umpires on a regular paid basis
  • Players who would like to contribute to the sport they are already actively involved in
  • Anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of the game.

Umpires manage matches of Indoor Cricket, enabling players and coaches to focus on development, improvement and enjoying participation. The Level One Umpires Test is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and information to umpire in competitive junior and senior domestic level matches as well as providing an entry for those with a desire to officiate at higher levels on a regular basis. In particular it aims to:

  • Create a safe and fun environment for players
  • Develop a balanced attitude towards competition within the realms of fair play
  • Improve their understanding of the game.
Indoor Cricket Umpires' Rules Test

Indoor Cricket Umpires' Rules Test

All umpires wishing to further their umpiring, should undertake the Indoor Sports Victoria Level 1 Rules Test. You MUST reside and umpire within the state of Victoria, Australia to do this test. We will NOT process results for umpires outside of Victoria.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Before taking this test, all umpires should have a working knowledge of the Cricket Australia Official Rules of Indoor Cricket. All umpires who take the test will be provided with written feedback and a certificate when they pass. The required pass mark is 90% - 45 correct answers out of 50. Umpire accreditation lasts for 2 years from the date you became accredited, which will be reflected on your official ISV certificate. If you wish to remain accredited you need to pass the current test every 2 years.