Become an Indoor Cricket Umpire

Indoor Cricket umpire in action

Umpiring Indoor Cricket is a great way to enjoy another aspect of our great game, and earn some money at the same time. You're also right in the middle of the action!

Most ISV arenas are in need of umpires, therefore it's not too difficult getting started. If you are not currently playing in an ISV arena you can see a list of member centres. If you would like us to help you to find an arena to umpire at please email our umpiring department.

If you are interested in pursuing the challenge of reaching higher levels in umpiring, read though our Umpire Accreditation and Umpire Resources pages.

For those who do accept this challenge, officiating can provide a sense of satisfaction that cannot be replicated in other careers or pastimes. To take on the challenge of officiating at an event and doing a difficult job well provides a great sense of achievement and self satisfaction.

Also, if you have moved from interstate and have previously umpired Superleague or representative level indoor cricket, you'd fit right into one of our arenas. See our Superleague page for details on the dates we play.

ISV Umpire Pathway Program

The ISV Umpire Pathway Program assists umpires to achieve their potential and provides the opportunity for those umpires wishing to one day umpire at national and international level. The pathway is a staged approach to an umpire's development and ensures the standard of cricket the umpire is officiating in is matched by the umpire's competencies.

We will provide more information on our Umpire Pathway Program on the Indoor Cricket Umpire Accreditation page.

The Importance of Umpires in Indoor Cricket

Ross Gregory, the General Manager of Indoor Sports Victoria had the following to say on the important role of umpires.

I believe the umpire is one of the most important people in our sport. If the umpire is poor at their job, they can make the players' experience unenjoyable and frustrating. On the other hand if they are good at their job, are knowledgeable in the rules and are good communicators then the players will have a far better experience and in turn play for a longer period of time. The umpire can be the reason any sporting arena has high or low team numbers.

As Australian Extreme Mens Coach, I expect all of my players to be the best they can be. Players need to have skill in all aspects of Indoor Cricket and to maintain and develop that skill they need to train correctly. Similarly to be the best umpire you have to do no less and most people forget proper practice will help them to improve their skills.