Indoor Cricket

2015 Australian Masters Indoor Cricket Championships

The 2015 Australian Masters Championships were being held at Ultimate Indoor Sports, Silverwater, Sydney NSW, from 24-30 May 2015.

The Allstar teams were announced at the AMC Awards Dinner. Congratulations from Indoor Sports Victoria to all that played in the Masters and to those named below.

Players of the Series

Over 30 Allstar Team Over 35 Allstar Team Over 40 Allstar Team Over 45 Allstar Team Over 50 Allstar Team
  • Over 30 Men - Rodney Bird (VIC)
  • Over 35 Men - David Dervan (VIC)
  • Over 40 Men - Kerry Stewart (QLD)
  • Over 45 Men - Peter Bastow (NSW)
  • Over 50 Men - Wayne Turner (VIC)

2015 Allstar Teams

Over 30 Men
Rick Lucey (NSW)
Michael Sullivan (VIC)
Allan Richards (NSW)
Rodney Bird (VIC)
Shawn Thomas (QLD)
Lyle Teske (QLD)
Sam Fitt (VIC)
Paul Bathman (QLD)
Kristian Messia (NSW)
Tim Wichura (QLD)
Graeme Moss - Coach (QLD)
Over 35 Men
Aaron McKenzie (VIC)
Craig Window (QLD)
Brett Collison (NSW)
Glynn Knox (QLD)
David Dervan (VIC)
Craig White (NSW)
Matt Jenkins (QLD)
Matt Howell (NSW)
Troy Watson (QLD)
Adam Britt (NSW)
Ross Jones - Coach (NSW)
Over 40 Men
Brenton Brien (QLD)
Justin Nelson (NSW Blues)
Paul Smith (QLD)
Daniel Lake(QLD)
Peter Van Vegten (VIC)
Leigh Holt (QLD)
Robert Hyndman (NZ Nth)
Kerry Stewart (QLD)
Josh Davison (QLD)
Steve Simons (NSW Blues)
Rod Jenkins - Coach (QLD)
Over 45 Men
Barry Morrison (QLD)
Mark Butler (NSW)
Colin Tuckwell (SA)
Glen Fitzgerald (QLD)
Craig Bayldon (NSW)
Rob Boiston (QLD)
Phil Proctor (NQ)
Terry Dimmick (QLD)
Peter Bastow (NSW)
Bruce Arnold - Coach (QLD)
Over 50 Men
Stephen Ahearn (NSW)
Phil Broadhead (NSW)
Peter Morris (NSW)
Tony Van Den Elsen (QLD)
Dave Mayer (QLD)
Ray Zanhow (QLD)
Rick Howes (WA)
Wayne Turner (VIC)
Terry Atkinson (VIC)
Colin Baker (VIC)
Billy Oches - Coach (QLD)