Indoor Cricket Coaches & Team Managers

The following coaches and team managers have been selected to represent Victoria at the various national championships throughout 2017.

Australian Masters Championships

Team Coach Manager
Over 35 Men Warren Haffenden
Assistant Coach: James Dornan
Sam Bright
Over 50 Men Peter Leerson Tony Pahi

Australian Junior Championships

Team Coach Manager
13 & Under Boys Blue Shane Suckling
Assistant Coach: Jason Lovell
Bec Newman
13 & Under Boys White Micheal Johnston
Assistant Coach: Andrew Walker
Melinda Stephens
15 & Under Boys Blue John Mark Josh Gregory
15 & Under Boys White Aaron Straughair Tim Atkin
17 & Under Boys Chris Reid Mick Zomer
14 & Under Girls Blue Janet Finn
Assistant Coach: Shane Hesline
Tony Pahi
14 & Under Girls White Lani Dejong Nicole O'Brien
17 & Under Girls Sue Rose Clare Haynes

Australian Open Championships

Team Coach Manager
Open Men Peter Leerson John Chilton
Open Women Blue Wayne Turner Tom Holt
21 & Under Boys Geoff Latham Chris Reid
21 & Under Girls Blue Janet Finn Tony Pahi
21 & Under Girls White Sue Rose Clare Haynes
Lords Taverners Aaron McCarthur