Indoor Soccer

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Indoor Soccer is for people of all ages who love the excitement of soccer, and have the chance to play in a safe, indoor environment for fitness and fun all year round. Indoor Soccer is a great way to stay fit and test your skills in an all weather venue.

Indoor soccer is played under similar rules to outdoor soccer between two teams attempting to score goals by kicking a ball into a netted goal region. The game is played inside netted courts which allows the ball to stay alive, except when a goal is scored or at half time.

The game is played between two teams each with 5 on-court players (soccer courts) or 4 on-court players (cricket courts).

A maximum of 3 substitute players can be added to the on-court players. The game length will vary depending on the venue.

Where to play Indoor Soccer

The following Indoor Sports Victoria centres play Indoor Soccer. Visit the arena webpage for their details and how to register a team.

Metropolitan Centres

Country Centres