Indoor Netball

Indoor Netball is relatively new to the Australian sporting landscape in that the national body was formed in 1990, however the sport continues to grow more and more each year.

The Association boasts a fast competitive game where players Male and Female of all ages can show their skills in the game of Indoor Netball. Indoor Netball, as the name suggests, bares several similarities to the traditional outdoor sport but the two sports also differ significantly and is enjoyed both socially and competitively in indoor centres across Australia, as well as in a selection of other countries across the globe.

The game consists of 7 players on the court with 3 interchange players. The added attraction of Interchange players and the nets which keep the ball in play, creates a fast and most exciting game for both Men and Women.

Where to play Indoor Netball

The following Indoor Sports Victoria centres play Indoor Netball. Visit the arena webpage for their details and how to register a team.

Metropolitan Centres

Country Centres