Indoor Cricket

You can't beat the action and excitement of a game of Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial-grass surfaced court. The court is enclosed in tightly tensioned netting, including a 4 metre high roof. The length of the pitch and size of the stumps are exactly the same dimensions as outdoor cricket.

Games consist of two innings. Each innings lasts for 16 overs. With 8 players per side, this means each and every fielder bowls 2 overs, and each pair of batsmen face 4 overs. Some centres play 6 players a side - the slightly different conditions for these games are covered fully in the Rules of Indoor Cricket. Therefore, unlike outdoor cricket, every player bowls 2 overs, and every player bats for 4 overs. And with the compact size of the court, no player can be banished to far away on the boundary as some of us have experienced in outdoor cricket - in indoor, everyone is close enough to regularly be involved in the action of the game.

One of the many positive aspects of the Indoor Cricket is its suitability for children (and adults new to any form of cricket). Many of our centres have Junior Indoor Cricket competitions The ball is softer than a regular cricket ball, everyone is involved to the same degree (regardless of ability), and you don't have to be super fit.

Runs are scored in a variety of ways, and the team with the higher score after both innings are completed is the winning side.

Indoor Cricket offers you many opportunities to develop your skills, from social matches to International games. Whatever your skill level and motivation, you'll find every match to be enjoyable and challenging.

Brief History of Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket is a variation of standard Cricket. It was developed in Perth, Western Australia, in the late 1970's. Originally it was intended to be a low-cost sport, suitable for cricketers and novices alike, and one which could be played year-round. It meets all those goals to this day.

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Where to play Indoor Cricket

The following Indoor Sports Victoria centres play Indoor Cricket. Visit the arena webpage for their details and how to register a team.

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