Suspended Players

The following players are currently serving suspensions handed down by Indoor Sports Victoria. For any questions relating to the ISV Code of Conduct and ISV Disciplinary Procedures, please refer to our Rules of our Sports webpage.

Tribunal Date Name Club Sport Offence Tribunal Decision
10/8/17 Elaine Parkinson Hoppers Crossing Netball Kicking 4 match suspension, suspended sentence for 6 months until 10/8/18
23/11/17 Angel Springvale Netball Striking 2 match suspension, suspended sentence 6 matches until 23/11/18
23/11/17 Danni-Jane Umaki Hoppers Crossing Netball Striking Suspended until attends tribunal.

Players who cannot play until they have attended the ISV Tribunal

The following players cannont participate in ISV sanctioned matches until they have attended the Indoor Sports Victoria Tribunal to answer one or more charges.

Name Club Sport Offence
Andrew Paterson Frankston Cricket Umpire Abuse (04/05/2011)

ISV Tribunal

The Indoor Sports Victoria tribunal is empanelled to hear matters relating to conduct during sanctioned ISV events, including Superleague, Majorleague, National Championships and other events ratified by Indoor Sports Victoria from time to time.

Please take your time to read the various Rules of our Sports