Rules of our Sports

You can download the various rules and regulations for our sports below. If you are looking for competition related documents such as clearance forms and match reports, they are located on our Competition Documents page.

ISV Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations

Indoor Cricket

For umpires wishing to increase their knowledge of the rules and become accredited, please see our Indoor Cricket Umpire Accreditation page.

Indoor Netball

Indoor Soccer

Indoor Volleyball

Additional Indoor Cricket Rules

  1. Full tosses above the waist are now a No Ball
  2. Skins do not come into account for any finals match
  3. Caps will not be penalised, but player will have to remove them if they are not wearing the club cap
  4. Cricket balls will be burley or rocket balls
  5. Toss will be done 15 minutes prior to the game. It can be done by umpire or host centre manager
  6. Team sheets will be in 15 minute prior to the game
  7. Automatic penalties to be listed
  8. Umpire assessment reports to be sent to ISV within 48 hours of the completed matches
  9. Players cannot participate in a game if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is an insurance and safety issue
  10. Jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, dangly earrings) are not to be worn or taped over.