Player Points System for State Representatives


Due to players dropping from NICL to Superleague unchecked ISV has introduced a new point system for Superleague.

NICL Friday and Saturday Superleague Team Points System

  • Superleague Friday NICL Division 1 = 80pts
  • Superleague Friday NICL Division 2 = 40pts
  • Superleague Friday NICL Division 3 = 30pts
  • Superleague Division 4 = 20pts
  • Superleague Division 5 = 10pts

Point Allocations

  • Current State Open Indoor Player (member of the 2018 State Open Squad) - 10 points
  • Former State Open Indoor Player (opens squad member in 2016 & 2017) - 10 points
  • 17 and under players playing in the NICL are only 5 points
  • State Indoor Under-age rep 21s (member of the 2017 State Junior squad) - 5 points
  • All other NICL players - 10 points

Players points values are as the NICL Match Rules & Regulations 2.4, with the addition of 10pts per any NICL player (17 and under player is worth 5 points) that has played 4 games or more in the East and 5 or more in the West.

These points are accumulative, e.g. John Snow is a State player =10 points + NICL = another 10 points so for him to play division 1 he = 20 points, Phil Smith is an NICL player only, if he plays division 1 he is 10 points, Joe Smith is 17 and under he is worth only 5 points.

Friday night second game policy and Team order

  • NICL = top team, NICL 1= second team, NICL 2 = Third team
  • No more than 2 x NICL players can be used to fill in & play Division 1 on the same night
  • No more than 1 NICL players can be used to fill in & play Division 2 on the same night
  • The game qualification for these fill in players will only count for the highest team they play in
  • Normal finals qualification rules apply, 45% of the games played in all grades under NICL
  • Any Saturday NICL or Superleague player dropping more than 2 grades will need to seek ISV approval.

Indoor Netball

All Indoor Netball State level players will be allocated a player value. Open players hold their points for 4 years, Masters players hold their points for 3 years, 21 & 23/Under players hold their points for 2 years. For every year you don’t play state, it is -1 point. Australian players, touring only (not including shadow players) incur an extra +2 points.

*Home grown players have -2 deducted from their points (only applies to state players). A home grown player is the team you played for last season, and haven’t cleared from.

Each team has a maximum of points depending on the division they play, as follows:

Grade Points
Mixed A & Women's A
45 Points
Mixed B & Women's B
35 Points
Mixed C & Women's C
25 Points

If a team goes over their allocated point limit, the result will be overturned. It is each clubs responsibility to make sure their teams do not go over the points limit.

State level players will be given points as follows (note: if players play in both Open and Masters, they are worth 10 points):

State Team Points
Open Men, Mixed & Women
10 Points
Masters Mixed & Women
7 Points
23 & Under Mixed
5 Points
21 & Under Women & Mixed
2 Points
16 & 18 Under Women & Mixed
0 Points

** Players accumulate points from the previous year **

The points are team sheet value, which means the players on the team sheet must not go over their player points limit.