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2016 ISV Superleague Grand Finals Wrap

A fantastic achievement by the Croydon Raiders to get all 6 grades into the grand finals - winning 4 out of a possible 5 premierships. Vicleague, Mens 1, Mens 2 and Mens 3 were an all Croydon affair, with the Raiders having a 4 nil lead going into the Mens 4 grand final, but lost in a well-played and hard fought affair by 3 runs. It was a game that came down to the wire.

Results from the day:

  • Vicleague – Croydon 106 defeated Northcote 60 (Player of the final - Aaron Mackenzie)
  • Mens 1 – Croydon 122 defeated Northcote 84 ( Player of the final – Tony Plose)
  • Mens 2 – Croydon 115 defeated Cranbourne 92 ( Player of the final - Luke Dabkowski)
  • Mens 3 – Croydon 103 defeated Raiders 80 (Player of the final - Matt Sell)
  • Mens 4 – Hoppers 87 defeated Croydon 84

Croydon has worked extremely hard for some time now, with the club training regularly and the efforts are paying off. The Croynd players are aware that it's not easy to get a game and they need to fight for their spots.

To top off a great season Justin Perkins won his second Ross Gregory Medal. Congratulations to Croydon Raiders on a fine season.