Majorleague Indoor Cricket

Our Majorleague Indoor Cricket competition is an elite competition, which runs for 6 months from October until March, on a Friday night. Teams travel to centres all over Metropolitan Melbourne.

The game is a single innings format consisting of 6 ball overs and 6 or 8 players per team.

Majorleague Indoor Cricket also has a 'Double Play' concept available as a means of getting an extra wicket. A 'Double Play' is achieved when the striker and non-striker are both dismissed on the same delivery. For example - Striker is bowled, non-striker is run out or Striker is caught, non-striker is run out. Batters will be penalised 5 runs for a dismissal. This means a 'Double Play' will incur a 10 run penalty.

The will be no cricket played in the 2017/18 ISV Majorleague Season.