Victorian State Championships For Indoor Netball

Indoor Sports Victoria is pleased to announce the introduction of state championships, to be conducted over a series of rounds and culminating with finals in early March 2019. Three divisions will be contested: Open Ladies, Open Mixed and Open Men.

The championships will be held from November 2018 to March 2019, during which time the usual Major League season will not be held. Both 7-a-side and 6-a-side formats will be contested, with the championships held at a variety of venues in metropolitan Melbourne, on a series of Saturdays spread over the 4-month period.


The championships would be played over 5 Saturdays (full days of competition), spread across the traditional Major League months.

The important dates on which teams need to be available are:

Date (all Saturdays) Format Venue
3 November 2018 7-a-side Oakleigh Indoor Sports
24 November 2018 6-a-side To be advised
12 January 2019 7-a-side To be advised
9 February 2019 6-a-side To be advised
2 March 2019 Finals To be advised

There is a single registration fee of $1,200 per team, of which the captain collects the money and puts it into the ISV account (if you have 10 players, this is $120 per player: less than a typical Major League season). This needs to be paid at the time of entry. Game fees will not be charged, with the registration fee being the only expense for the five days of the championships. Details on payment are included on the attached registration form.

At this point in time, your team registrations are required by 4 October 2018 so that complete fixtures can be provided 2 weeks in advance. One registration form must be provided for each team, including the player list. The maximum team size is 12 for Open Ladies and Open Men, and 13 for Open Mixed.

Regarding the disbursement of registration fees, ISV will retain an amount necessary to cover the traditional amount collected by ISV and umpire fees. Centres will then receive $790 per team entered. Hosting of the respective days will be shared between the centres which are represented, based on number of teams entered per centre, and the number of courts required (which will be dependent on the total number of teams entered).

Full championship rules will be made available prior to the commencement of the tournament.


  • Team registration fee covers the entire championship – no game fees
  • Players can still participate in two teams (e.g. Open Ladies and Open Mixed)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We look forward to a successful championship with quality netball.