Funding Agencies

Department of Planning and Community Development

Sport & Recreation Victoria

Indoor Sports Victoria is recognized by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) as the governing body of the sport of Indoor Cricket in this state and as the organisation responsible for staging and promoting Indoor Netball, Indoor Soccer and Indoor Beach Volleyball tournaments.

ISV has received funding from DPCD since 1993 through its State Sporting Association Development Program (to support the administration) and the Organisational Support Grants. The partnership with Vichealth has contributed substantially to an improvement in the association's management and communication skills.

One of the current projects undertaken by ISV as a result of funding by Vichealth is the development of a player Women in Sport.

Women in Sport

Under-representation of women and girls in sport is not only as players on the field, but in decision making and leadership roles such as coaching, officiating and club administration. The Victorian Government, through Vichealth is actively addressing this issue via a range of programs, strategies and initiatives.

Increasing women's participation in sport is vital for sustained development of the sector because it has potential impacts on community development and health costs. Vichealth supports a number of programs and initiatives which range from leadership programs, providing funding assistance through to research projects.

The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)


For the past 23 years, VicHealth has worked with thousands of sporting organisations, ranging from small community-based clubs to large national codes. Over this time, they have been improving the way they monitor and analyse developments in sport participation rates, how sport can improve our health, and the extent to which specific groups engage with particular sporting activities. They also understand the leadership strengths of sporting clubs and organisations for setting and reinforcing community standards.

VicHealth wishes to build on its partnership with sports through the State Sporting Association Participation Program 2011–14, in which Indoor Sports Victoria is participating in. Through this program, sport will be a key player in addressing community expectations – not only in increasing participation in community sport and active recreation, but also in creating sporting environments that are healthy, safe and inclusive for all in our community. The role of sporting organisations in contributing to these improvements is clear: sport is a leader and an innovator for change.